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The Autofill for Supreme That Works

BTW Autofill makes it easy for sneakerheads to automatically checkout during hyped drops on Supreme, Shopify, and Stripe shops. 

Life time license.

autofill supreme 2020

Autofill + Auto Checkout

BTW Autofill is a Chrome extension that automatically adds your checkout information to the checkout page of Supreme, Shopify, and Stripe.

Toggle the auto checkout function on and it will check out your items automatically. 

Simple and straightforward.


autofill supreme
stripe autofill

Autofill Supreme

This is a highly user friendly autofill Supreme tool that works great on hyped drops. Set it up before hand and be ready when your item drops and this should help you checkout and even get multiples.

Autofill Supreme, Stripe, Shopify.

Why should I buy this autofill for Supreme?

This has been developed by highly skilled and passionate developers who are sneaker heads themselves. We want you to succeed. It’s also a life time license, which means you’ll never need to pay for it again. That could change at any point in time.

How often should I expect this autofill to get the items I want?

Success of autofills and bots highly depend on the site, the competitiveness of the drop, and how the tool is used. The Autofill makes it super fast for you to checkout but you still need to be on top of the rest of the things to have success. 

Who are the people behind this?

BTW Autofill is created by the sneaker heads. We’re a down to earth group of guys who have built  large community through services like and 

Can I get a refund?

Once you have bought your btw Autofill and received the license key we do not offer refunds on the product.

Which sites will this autofill work on?

This sites works on Supreme and sites that use Stripe (payment processor) and Shopify (webstore platform). 

Sites include ones like, sns, kickz, and more.

Do I need a bot if I have this autofill?

It really depends on what you want. Bots generally checkout from start to finish. With this autofill you’ll need to navigate to the checkout page and it’ll take it from there. 

However, at these times you’ll find that simpler is often better and there is no need for paying thousands of dollars for a bot or paying high monthly subscription fees. 

Our autofill supreme is life time meaning you’ll never need to pay more.

How do I get support?

We provide great email support if you are having technical problems with your autofill. We don’t help with strategies, but if your password has stopped working or you see a bug in the autofill write to us on

Do you have a community?

We have a big BotsThatWork Discord community with thousands of passionate botters and sneaker heads.